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Stay Organized: How Organized Are You?

What does it mean to be disorganized?

Being disorganized can have an important impact on someone’s life and it is also an important stressor.

But what exactly does it mean to be disorganized to the point that this can become a source of stress?

If you constantly feel like you need to search for several minutes for every little thing around your home, and if clutter is part of your daily life, that simply means that you are being disorganized.

Different people may have different levels of tolerance to clutter, but clutter affects everyone’s life nonetheless.

For instance, kids do not perceive clutter as a stressor because of their yet to be developed cognitive skills. However, adults can feel overwhelmed with the amount of clutter in their lives.

Some people are more affected by clutter, while others are not. However, when one person is disorganized, this behavior can affect the others around them, especially family.

How to determine how organized someone is?

Before proceeding forward with advice on how to stay organized and eliminate stress from your daily life, let’s see how organized (or not) you really are.

The following statements describe various situations needed for assessing your level of organization.

You must give a grade from 0 to 3 to these statements. Use 0 if a situation that has nothing to do with you. Use a 3 if the statement perfectly describing the way you are. And finally, us a 1 or 2 if the statement is somewhere in the middle.

#1: You almost always have to rummage through piles of clutter to find what you need at any given moment.

#2: When you want to take something from a drawer, at least several minutes are needed to find what you need.

#3: Punctuality is far from being your forte, and you always seem to be late for events, meetings and so on.

#4: You are known for procrastinating often.

#5: You have a great dislike for paying bills and you just wait for warnings to pay to be delivered to your mail.

#6: Your friends and members of the family often tell you that you are disorganized and you have too much clutter around you, but you do not feel like it is worth taking the time to do something.

#7: You would like all the clutter to magically disappear and stop causing you stress.

#8: You prefer to buy more items that are the same, just so you don’t have to worry about searching for them when you lose them.

#9: You are not a fan of making lists.

#10: You simply think organizing the clutter around you is not worth your time and effort.


There is no such thing as a completely organized person. Each one of us is more or less organized.

The problem with clutter and disorganization is that when these become chronic and you feel constantly overwhelmed, you also become stressed.

If you graded 3 or more of the above statements with the maximum value, it means that you already have a bad relationship with organizing things around you and eliminating clutter.

Why there is so much clutter around you?

People do not surround themselves with clutter just for the sake of it. They have their own explanations and justifications, and these are actually the root of the problem.

Here are some common affirmations people who are more disorganized than the rest use:

#1: I may use this again someday.

#2: I have this since I was a kid.

#3: One day, I will sell this for a small fortune.

#4: I just need to find something to match with this one.

#5: I will make time someday to get this broken thing fixed.

#6: One day, I will fit in this again; I just need to lose some weight.

#7: These will work great as hand-me-downs for my kids’ kids one day.

#8: I paid a lot of money for this; it’s not ok for me to just throw it away.

#9: This will surely become a collector’s item one day and I’ll get rich with it.

#10: I will have more free time one day and read all these old books.

If the above excuses are the right way to describe what you are thinking, you have found the root of your problems with clutter.

What you need to do is to stop finding such excuses for being disorganized, because they are a sure way to make you simply continue with accumulating clutter and making it part of your daily life.