How to Stay Organized and Eliminate Stress from Your Life

How does one start being organized?

After seeing what sits at the root of our disorganization and the disadvantages of being disorganized, it is time to finally share with you some practical tips on making the first steps.

All the techniques described below were created by experts and tried and verified countless times.

The best practices for being organized

Here are 4 simple steps to you becoming more organized:

Step 1: Make a list with every space in your home that needs to be de-cluttered

If you are already a bit worried that getting rid of all the clutter in your life can be a too daunting task for you, fret not.

We are here to help you and give you all the necessary tools for starting to become organized.

That is why the first recommendation is to make a list and jot down everything that must be done.

Do not worry if the list seems quite large. It is normal to look like this in the beginning; what is more important is that you make the first steps.

Another thing that must be said here is to take into account that de-cluttering and cleaning an entire home are not an easy feat, and it will not happen overnight.

It can take an entire crew several days to straighten up even a small home.

We are not saying this to undermine your motivation. It is done to offer you the best explanation why this operation takes time.

It also explains why you need to take step after step in order to achieve your goals.

Create this very detailed list with everything that needs to be properly de-cluttered. Even making this list is a step in the right direction of being more organized.

Step 2: Begin!

There is no better way to tackle clutter than by simply beginning to clean.

The moment you wake up, start with making your bed and putting a few things in order.

That will make you feel empowered and you will be able to see a progress.

Even if it is something as little as cleaning a desk or a cabinet, it will offer you the best motivation. It will help you see that you are perfectly capable of cleaning up. You only need to make the first steps!

Step 3: Take things seriously

Here is a technique that is very useful for tackling clutter: take things seriously.

If you may wonder how to do that, there is a small artifice that helps a great deal.

Imagine clutter as your enemy and even get angry at it.

If you are stressed all the time because of lack of organization in your home, clutter is already your enemy. So, it should not take you too much effort to see it for what it is and start taking steps to deal with it.

Unfortunately, there are many people who think getting organized is merely something they should do if and when they feel like it.

Since they do not take things seriously, they never do them, and that is the biggest enemy to anyone’s determination and motivation to tackle clutter.

Step 4: Stay afloat by going strong

When there is quite a lot of clutter to deal with, you may feel like you are never going to finish.

However, even the largest pile of clutter possible should not get you down. Going strong is a great solution and here are some practical tips to get you all fired up.

  • Pick every little thing that you do not need and do the following: throw it away, sell it or donate it to charity.
  • Trim out the fat by first organizing clutter into two piles: those things you want to keep and those you want to throw away. If the pile with the things you want to keep is still too big, go through it a few more times, to trim it even more.
  • Do not review your pile of things you want to throw away, just to see what you may like to keep. Once something went to that pile is on a one way street.
  • Enlist some help if you feel like dealing with this, and you find it too difficult. An extra pair of hands and someone you can talk to while cleaning up will help you a great deal.

Gather all the things you think you might still have a use for and put them all inside a box.

Schedule a date three months from the current one to check the box again and see if you have ever used any of the items inside. If not, throw the entire box away.