3 Simple Steps To Eliminating Stress from Your Life

In the previous article, we talked about how our own beliefs and patterns of behavior stand at the root of all the justifications we might have about why we let clutter take over our own lives.

Therefore, the key to eliminating clutter and beginning to be more organized and stress free is to let go of these beliefs.

How does stress occur as the result of disorganization?

Chronic stress can be triggered by chronic disorganization, but how does this happen? Here is the explanation.

Your mind is constantly bombarded with challenges

You may think that clutter does not affect you, and that you can tolerate it, but whether you like it or not, you should know that clutter does take a toll on anyone.

Your conscious mind may not want to be bothered with it. However it is your subconscious that feels assaulted by clutter. And it starts trying to find solutions, going in overdrive in search of them.

Clutter consumes your time

When you are surrounded by clutter, you take more and more time to find the things you need. All this time you spend searching for things makes you feel stressed.

Also, when you need to find things fast and it looks impossible for you to do so, you become even more stressed.

Some things never resurface from the clutter

Even when you are extremely sure that one thing or another is somewhere in the pile of clutter around you, you may end up spending a lot of time looking for them without actually finding them.

That, in itself, can become a serious source of stress. Especially if there are important things you no longer manage to find, such as legal documents.

You are forced to live within a smaller space

Any human being needs a clutter free environment, if only for living comfortably.

In fact, the more things you accumulate around you, the less space you end up having at your disposal, for moving around.

You may start to stumble on things, and it can become really difficult for you to find a place to sit even.

There are people named hoarders that end up having so much clutter in their homes that they can no longer live normally.

You may end up socially isolated

Many people are aware of the clutter in their homes, if only for the reason that they feel embarrassed to host meetings and parties with friends at their place.

That can lead to many unpleasant situations, and meeting with others outside the home each and every time can become a source of stress, too, because of lack of comfort or lack of money.

What are efficient ways of motivating yourself to become more organized?

Finding the right motivation is not always easy. This is especially true if you do not have a lot of people to rely on.

Yet, there are ways to start being organized that make things easier for you. Here are 3 steps that if undertaken, will help you in eliminating stress from your life.

3 Steps That Will Help You In Eliminating Stress From Your Life
Step 1: Make a schedule and keep to it

This first step to eliminating stress is probably the most significant one.

It is important that you schedule cleaning your home and keep your promise, if you want a clutter free environment.

The problem with procrastination and always telling yourself that you are going to do this or that tomorrow or another day is that you easily end up postponing more and more.

So, the solution is to pick a day for de-cluttering your home.  And more importantly, stick to it, even if it means to give up on other things.

Step 2: Have a few friends over

There is no more important motivation than showing off a clean, organized house to visitors.

Playing host, especially to people you secretly want to impress, can be a great motivator. This is because you then will have a practical reason to clean around the house.

Step 3: Pay attention to your own level of tolerance to clutter

As mentioned in the previous post, people have different levels of tolerance to clutter. How can this help you?

If the clutter around you is so bad that it is to the point that it causes chronic stress, this simply means that you can no longer tolerate it.

No one is perfectly organized. However, everyone needs to be organized to some degree, so they do not end up being stressed all the time.

If you pay attention to your level of tolerance to clutter. As soon as you feel the threshold being overcome, you start cleaning up to eliminate the source of stress.

If you manage to keep to this 3rd step, things will become much easier for you!